Why Your Church Needs You On Facebook

As a Pastor and leader I have never encouraged anyone to join or not to join Social Media. However, I have been doing some thinking lately. Right now our world is facing an unprecedented time of fear and panic as we face the Covid-19 virus. I mean just visit your local grocery store and you will see empty shelves, especially on the toilet paper aisle. So, what does all that have to do with social media you may be thinking? Well, actually a lot. You see during this unprecedented time many churches have turned to Facebook live to have services while we fight this virus and that brings me to the seven reasons your church needs you on Facebook. 

  1. That is where your church is meeting.

I am starting with the most obvious so stick with me. I mean stop and think about it…If your church was able to meet and the doors were open and there was no fear of the virus would you be there? I think many of us would answer yes! Especially during this unprecedented time. So make it a habit to still get up and go to church with your church family even if it is just a trip to your couch while you pull it up on your news feed.

  1. For that friend you have been inviting.

Think of it this way. That friend you have been inviting to church for years. That friend that you have been praying for for years, yes that one. Guess what? They just may drop in on your church’s  live feed. You can increase that likelihood by just simply sharing your church’s live feed. Just imagine when this is all over how many of your friends will have attended church with you. Even better, think of how many of your friends will hear about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. They may even give their life to Christ. I know from our church we have already seen this happen. 

  1. People need hope.

People are being laid off work. People are being furloughed. Kids are not going to school as we have known it. The list goes on and on. Here is what I am hearing the most…frustration, fear, loneliness, and the need of hope. Facebook allows you to “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Yes, you being on Facebook has the opportunity to give others hope. It allows you to be around your friends and let them see the peace that you have. 

  1. It is where care is happening.

Care is not happening the way it always has. People can’t just drop by your house or meet you at the local coffee shop and have a conversation with you and see how life is going for you. But I have seen plenty of examples of how care is happening on Facebook. Our church made a simple post that said, ‘What food and essential items do you need? Seriously what do you need? Comment below and we will share and be on the lookout for you. Let’s take care of each other!” The conversation that followed was incredible. It was people sharing what they had. Helping each other find the necessities that they need. Some of the best care that is seen happening during this time is found on Facebook.

  1. It connects you with your community.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with my community. In fact, The Bridge used Facebook to launch as a church when we originally knew no one when we moved to town. You can like other pages in your community. You can comment and encourage them. You can share what your church is doing to help everyone. It works! We have had people in our community reach out to us offering to serve with us because of Facebook. Our community knows we care and I thank Facebook for that. 

  1. To build relationships with your congregation’s friends.

If I had a friend attend church with me I would introduce them to all my friends at church. I would be excited to have them there with me. Guess what? Facebook allows us to do the same thing. Comment in the comments of your church’s post. You can actually get to know other people and carry on conversations and when the doors of your church opens again you can know more of your congregation’s friends. Guess what that means? They just might be more likely to attend church with you!

  1. To encourage your pastor.

Ok, so let me be honest for a moment. I miss my church family. I don’t love doing church online. I looked at my wife on Sunday after our online service was over and said, “THIS STINKS!” Then I walked to the other room and spent some time by myself. I felt that way because I love people. That is what ministry is about. So, when I see our church’s members post on Facebook, join our live service, share something, etc. it brings joy to me and encourages me. I am sure your pastor feels the exact same way.

So, even if just for this season get on Facebook and let’s encourage one another and spread the name of Jesus like it has never been spread!

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