What String Cheese has to do with influence…

Five years ago we hosted a group to put on a Kids Camp in our town. Five years later I have learned what string cheese has to to do with influence.

You see I have two boys and they love to eat. What boys don’t eat you out of house and home. One of their favorite snacks before bed time to this day is string cheese. They may get that from their momma. Each night, like clock work, they appear at the refrigerator, open it up, and pull out a string cheese. They have done that ever since I can remember.

But five years ago that all changed. Their entire nightly routine changed in a matter of a week. You see they were introduced to something new by one of the camp staffers we were hosting in our home. They were only in our home for one week. But they changed my kid’s life, as my boys would put it.

Now each night they appear at the refrigerator and grab their string cheese like clock work. Yes, that has been their routine for years, but this is where it all changes. They used to dart back to what they were doing. Now they detour by the microwave, put their string cheese in there and melt it. They call it ‘life changing’. Me, not so much.

This is what I do know. For the past five years eating string cheese out of the refrigerator does not happen at my house without visiting the microwave first.

All this happened because one person influenced my kids.

So, what does String Cheese have to do with influence…

  1. Seven days can change someones life.

Influence can happen faster than we think. Yes, there is no doubt that you can have a life changing impact on someone and only spend seven days with each other. That is challenging to me and I hope it is to you as well. How many times have I missed on influencing people as much as I could. Or perhaps you are like me and miss the opportunity all together. Join me in keeping your eyes open, notice people and let’s impact them in life changing ways in the next seven days.

    2.  It is easier to influence someone’s life than we think.

My kids have lived with me and my wife for their entire life. I believe we have a tremendous influence on their life. That is why I know that influencing someone’s life is easier than we think. So, don’t fall for the misbelief that you can’t influence someone. It only takes giving them your attention, listening to them, caring for them, and showing them love. Just realize that without a doubt you have the power to influence others.

    3. You are an influencer.

Yes, you! You are an influencer. You can have a larger impact on people than you think. In fact, I have no doubt that you could influence many, many people’s life for Christ. All you need to do is give them your attention, listen to them, care for them, and show them love. Speak the love of Christ into their life.

So, the next time you eat a String Cheese, just remember you are an influencer and can have a profound influence on peoples life.

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